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If you’re looking for the best Seafood Wholesaler on the Chesapeake Bay, you’ve come to the right place. Our mission is to be a seafood leader driven by an innovative team that delivers superior products, service, and value to our customers in a safe and environmentally-sustainable manner.

Our hard-working watermen have boats along the East Coast from Ocean City, Maryland to North Carolina. They are the backbone to our industry and work tirelessly year round on the water in harsh winter and hot summer conditions. Our watermen are environmental leaders, using ethical & sustainable fishing practices when harvesting to protect local marine life and keep the bay clean. We have the utmost respect and gratitude for their work! 

Our plant is located in Wittman, Maryland at the wharf on Harris Creek. We buy our seafood whole, straight off our watermen's boats and deliver to our processing plant. Our plant quickly intakes large quantities of seafood in a clean environment and quickly processes and/or packages fish whole to distribute to restaurants and wholesale buyers throughout the Eastern Shore. Our commitment to providing market transparency, competitive pricing and no-hassle deliveries in an ever-changing industry keeps our customers happy and returning for more. 

Drop us a line to see how we can help supply your business's seafood needs!


Our Standards

A Commitment to You

  • NO Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals 

  • Ethical & Sustainable Fishing Practices

  • Seafood HACCP Approved

  • Fish Bought Whole Straight Off Boat

  • Market Transparency

  • Competitive Pricing

The Story of Wittman Wharf Seafood

Wittman Wharf Seafood opened in 2019, however, our story begins when owner Nick Hargrove and his friend Derek Wilson started scuba diving for oysters around the Chesapeake Bay. Realizing that most restaurants in the Talbot County area were not sourcing their oysters from local waters, they decided to create a demand for oysters harvested from the bay. They knew the bay was swimming with oysters; ones that tasted better and would have a fresher quality. From here, Wild Diver Oysters was formed. Our second oyster brand name, Tilghman Brand Oysters, was created to recognize the community of Tilghman and honor the watermen tradition. Not long after, the business started thriving and restaurants would only purchase local oysters for their dishes.

After great success with Wild Diver & Tilghman Brand Oysters and gaining great relationships within the seafood industry, Nick realized the potential for expanding into sourcing different seafood products. No longer selling strictly oysters, Wittman Wharf Seafood was born. Today, we are a seafood wholesaler that processes and/or packages seafood for restaurants, wholesale buyers and for individuals at our Seafood Market. Having employed watermen with boats from Ocean City, Maryland to North Carolina allows us to always have a great stock of options and the ability to source any unique seafood your business needs. Our dedication to great customer service, quality seafood at the freshest quality earned us 2021's Best of the Best Seafood Market by the The Official Community Choice Awards. 


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