Image by Ben Stern

Eastern Oyster;
The True Super Food

Crassostrea Virginica

oyster benefit blah

what are they; bivalve
where are they
what do they eat 
what eats them 
how important are they

Eutrophication Combatant

  • Eutrophication Potential

    • Bivalves score in the negative b/c they help to protect watercourses from the effects of eutrophication- they combat the problem


 ameliorate many global food issues

This is particularly relevant to child malnutrition, as many of these nutrients are especially crucial to growth, and the planet stands to gain from their increased consumption too


Nutrient Dense

  • higher protein content than many meats and plant crops

  • high levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids

  • micronutrients: 

    • iron 

    • zinc 

    • magnesium


Greenhouse Gas Who?

  • 340 tonnes of greenhouse gasses produced per tonne of edible beef

  • 11 tonnes of emissions per tonne of bivalve protein

  • If 25% of “carnivorous fish” aquaculture was replaced with bivalves; 16.3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved annually – equivalent to half the annual emissions of New Zealand