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At Wittman Wharf Seafood, we supply our clients with the freshest and highest quality products on the market. We are located in Wittman, Maryland and service the Eastern Shore and surrounding areas. We source our pelagic species from Ocean City, Maryland to North Carolina. To ensure freshness, we buy our seafood whole, straight from our waterman's boat.


In addition to Wild Diver Oysters, we also offer Tilghman Brand Oysters. Each brand is unique; Wild Diver Oysters are harvested by hand from local divers, while Tilghman brand oysters hail from local watermen.

Located on a wharf in Wittman, our processing plant serves as our primary headquarters. The facility allows us to quickly take in large quantities of fresh seafood in a clean environment and to process and/or package fish quickly. We take pride in providing high-quality products at fair prices, including products sourced, processed, packaged, and distributed. During the harvest, processing and delivery process, our seafood products are cooled to an optimal temperature for quality assurance and freshness.

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Local Fresh Catch


Oyster Hatchery; Remote Setting

Ensuring a Clean, Thriving Bay for Future Generations

At Wittman Wharf Seafood, we support local fisheries by returning oysters to reefs through our remote setting, spat-on-shell program. The shells of every oyster harvested by our crew are then cleaned and saved after shucking.


Through aquaculture, we are able to return to the bay 100% of the oysters we harvested PLUS 1,300% more. Creating a surplus of oysters allows them to filter harmful contaminants from the bay, and also allows the next generation to have a high population of oysters in their waters.


Our goal is to keep the tradition and job of a waterman alive, which starts with keeping local marine life thriving.

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